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In 1998, around 35,000 males died because of prostate cancer.  That same year, around 200,000 males were diagnosed to have contracted the disease.  Prostate problems in general would claim around half-a-million victims.  These statistics were culled by the National Center for Health Statistics 8 years ago.  It is projected that the numbers have since increased, given the fact that heredity plays a crucial role in the development of prostate problems, hence indicating that they could exponentially spread.

Whether it be Prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate cancer, dangers to the prostate gland are quite common for males above the age of 50.  As such, your health should not be left to chance.  As early as today, you could take some essential and beneficial steps towards problematic prostate prevention. 

But what are these steps for problematic prostate prevention, exactly?

Well, we could divide them into two categories: detection and action.

Almost every medical professional would say that the best way to prevent prostate complications is through early detection.  The problem is, once the symptoms of prostate problems become apparent, it is often too late to cure the disease.  This is why a regular medical checkup is a required step in problematic prostate prevention.  This becomes even more necessary when the subject is above the age of 40.

Determining the presence of risk factors is also an important component of this category of disease prevention.  If any of the following conditions are applicable, then you can say that you have a greater risk of developing some prostate complications:

  • family history of prostate problems;
  • early enlargement of the prostate;
  • being over the age of 35 to 40; and
  • exposure to unfavorable environmental conditions

Again, if any or all of these conditions are present, such should be your sign that problematic prostate prevention should be taken to the next level.

Knowing that you're in danger is not enough.  You should act on it to save your body from the ill effects of an eventual prostate problem.  Seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible.  He will recommend the applicable treatments that can be used to rid you of potential ailments.  

You should also undertake to comply with extraordinary precautions, given the fact that you already have the aforementioned risk factors.  Proper prevention can be achieved by avoiding a diet consisting of saturated fat, high intake of alcohol, and red meat.  It can also be achieved by supplementing your diet with fruits and vegetables rich with Lycopene such as tomatoes, apricots, guavas and watermelons.  Soy is also known as an effective counteragent against prostate degeneration.  Pumpkin seeds contain phytonutrients that will help you combat the same.

Proper prevention lies in your hands.  Don't wait for the time when you would have to undergo treatment.  Save your life as early as today, instead of waiting for the time when the chances of survival are precariously established.  

The Intersection of Prostate Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Mon 23 May 2016 by Craig Thomson

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Prostate nutrition and health are linked closely. If you do not consume a prostate-healthy diet, your general level of health will decline with your prostate health. This is especially true if your poor nutritional habits lead to prostate disease.
According to experts, many men will experience some form of prostate problems or cancer before the age of fifty. Prostate problems are increasing in men and few believe it is for the reason that men live unhealthy lifestyles. Genetics according to some experts may also play a role in prostate problems; however, even if a person has an increased genetic predisposition ...

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Eight Steps To Ensure Excellent Prostate Nutrition

Fri 20 May 2016 by Craig Thomson


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Every man grows old, eventually.  And every man is susceptible to the dangers of prostate complications.  No one is spared, and it will be a grave mistake to believe otherwise.  Prostate problems affect a majority of men over the age of 50.  There are many kinds of these complications.  Their consequences range from mere incontinence to a real danger of death.

Hence, prostate health should be given important attention.  Keeping our prostates in good condition would prevent the development of undesirable degeneration.  And the key to good prostate health is excellent prostate nutrition.  Much like how the rest of our ...

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Prostate Supplements and Vitamins

Wed 18 May 2016 by Craig Thomson

Prostate supplements and vitamins often claim to reinforce the health of your prostate; and some even claim to include ingredients that enhance sexual potency. Despite these ambitious claims from manufacturers, many supplements simply cannot do what they claim.

According to recent studies, many of the supplements offered on the marketplace do not even focus on the prostate or glands. Furthermore, studies also show that many multi-vitamins do not offer ingredients that prevent prostate cancer or promote prostate health.

If youĂ­ve been taking prostate supplements as your only line of defense against cancer and disease, you may want to reevaluate your ...

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Prostate Supplements May Not Be What They Claim To Be

Mon 16 May 2016 by Craig Thomson



Prostate cancer is a fear cradled by most men.  The chances of developing such a disease are quite alarming, if statistics would be believed.  In 1998 alone, for example, almost 35,000 males died because of prostate cancer.  And that figure is expected to increase, considering that close to 200,000 other men were positively diagnosed of the said ailment, and that prostate cancer can be passed on to the next generation at an exponential rate.

Perhaps it is this fear that led to the preponderance of products that have flooded the market, with some of them claiming to be ...

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Prostate Prevention of Cancer and Generalized Disease

Sat 14 May 2016 by Craig Thomson

Prostate prevention tips are available on the Internet and at your doctor's office, since prostate prevention and detection of cancer is now an important part of most men's health check-ups and routines. 

Prostate cancer and infections are slowly becoming more common in men. During the early seventies, more than eight percent of men experienced prostate problems and/or cancer. Some cases went unreported, since men had other types of diseases that shielded the notion that prostate cancer existed. Since then, rates have slowly increased.
The best solution for preventing prostate irregularities is to live a healthy lifestyle. This ...

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Questions To Ask To Ensure Good Prostate Health

Thu 12 May 2016 by Craig Thomson

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Prostate problems are experienced by most men over the age of 50.  This doesn't mean that you shouldn't worry about experiencing such when the time comes.  You could always prevent the development of prostate problems as early as possible, and gain for yourself a healthy, enjoyable life way past the half-century mark of your existence, without having to be bothered by urination difficulties, enlarged glands, infertility, impotency and even the danger of death.


By taking steps to ensure the best prostate health possible, of course.

Now, this is easier said than done, and it will require a ...

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